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Beth Hummingbird, Wichita, KS
Not only do I feel I always learn from her classes, but the sincerity of help and concern to pass her knowledge on reinforces my confidence in myself as a person and manager.

D. Byrd; Wichita, Ks
With the knowledge she has, I find it hard to believe anyone else could teach the course as well.

Pamela Ann Williams, New Cumberland, PA
Extremely likeable, informative and interesting. The amount of respect and admiration increased 200% from only reading her articles, books etc. to meeting her personally and participating in a course instructed by her. I look forward to attending more seminars and classes instructed by such a knowledgeable individual.

Jorja N. Osborne, PA
This was not only a very informative class, but it would have not been nearly as interesting if Chrissy had not had the breadth of experience in the industry- her experience was extremely helpful. Chrissy is an excellent instructor. The information is presented in a very interesting and in a manner that is very easily applied to current situations. Thank you, Chrissy, for helping me with learning to function as a new community owner.

William J. Logue, PA
Very interesting, Chrissy Jackson is an excellent instructor. Learned more in 2 days than 6 years of school.

William Booker, Dublin, Ohio
Her teaching & studying techniques were very helpful to me. It made things a lot easier to grasp & remember.

Richard B. Halko, Sr., Columbus, Ohio
The time taken for individual instruction was quite good, only wish we & she had more time to absorb a lot more. Thanks. I’ll attend any of her classes.

Shirley Heeter, Dublin, Ohio
I like Chrissy as she has interesting classes and she talks to us on our level. Time goes fast and it is not boring.

Ron Witko, PA
Chrissy is a super instructor! A must for all community managers!

Sandy Strine, Pa
Chrissy made the day go fast. She held your interest of what was being said. You weren’t afraid or hesitate to ask a question.

Winnie Howell, PA
Ms. Jackson’s knowledge of the Manufactured Housing Industry is amazing!

Jeremy Freeman, IN
I thought the instructor was excellent. Very knowledge. I valued her years of experience. I really appreciate the material that was taught. The material that can be used on a day-to-day basis in our community.

Toni Adams, IN
I’ve never heard of anyone so knowledgeable about our industry. She’s been there & done all the facets. I appreciated her volume & enunciation. I never had a problem understanding her which is always a problem of mine. I respected the fact that she encourages exact adherence to law & recommendations, meaning no wishy/washy attitudes.

Melissa Bendele, TX
I just want to thank you for the wonderful, enlightening Accredited Community Managers Course 201 that we just had in Austin, Texas. Once again, you have brought us a wealth of information to take home and incorporate into our daily routines. Thank you for sharing so much.

Kathy C. Dunholft Columbus, Ohio
All of the materials and information was made very interesting by Chrissy. After each course I return to my property feeling there is nothing I cannot do. It is also great to know she is always there if you need help.

Tammy Wright, New Cumblerland, PA
Chrissy is very pleasant, knowledgeable, understanding and provided a wealth of information. I hope she will continue to teach the ACM courses as well as other educational MHI courses.

Sheri Denz, Harrisburg, PA
Is one of the best instructors I’ve had during a seminar or class. Never have I had an instructor keep my attention so well & the information was great. Thanks!

Thomas H. Brown II, New Cumberland, Pa
An outstanding job. Superior in every respect. The best instructor in 35 years in the business!

Danny Ellis, Orlando, FL
Chrissy’s years of experience were valuable in relating text content to the overall course and the industry. Her stories added to the learning process.

Marie Eaton, Orlando, FL
She is simply outstanding- I appreciate that her background included community management- so she was “in the trenches” herself- not just “book smart”.

Charles Garner, Orlando, FL
One of the top instructors; I had the pleasure to be in her class.

Susan Barnes, Orlando, FL
I am grateful that Chrissy is so helpful and makes herself available. She is a wonderful source of information.

Vonciel Fordham; Chateau Comm.
Excellent, very knowledgeable, beautiful spirit, would like to have a week with her!!

Val Thompson, Chateau Comm.
Chrissy is very motivational & makes everyone feel great about themselves & the jobs they do. We’d love to have her back for more training!!

Debra Mitchell; Orlando, FL
Chrissy has been a mentor to me during my four years in the industry. Her ability to teach without prejudice is truly appreciated.

Cindy Phelps, Orlando, FL
Chrissy goes above & beyond in taking time to answer any and all questions before, during & after class.

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