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Eviction or Creativity?
by Chrissy Jackson, ACM, PHC
MHI Director of Training and Community Resources

Chrissy Jackson, ACM, PHC,

has been involved in Community Management for over 16 years. She managed communities from 200 sites in size up to over 800 sites. Chrissy is the current Director of Training and Community Resources for MHI. In this capacity, she is the principal trainer for the Manufactured Housing Educational Institute's programs and seminars, and provides professional resources for MHI's National Communities Council Chrissy also provides property management and sales training to state association conventions and private companies. She is also recognized as a nationally published author with several publications currently on the market.

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ommunity Managers and Owners everywhere spend hours each week pulling their hair out while trying to convince Residents to abide by the Community Guidelines for Living (rules). Even more time is spent on trying to write letters to Residents that say what a Manager or Owner wants to say but are still phrased in a friendly way.

Help has finally arrived! The latest book from Chrissy Jackson, ACM and PHC, is now ready for shipment. Entitled "Getting Tough - Getting Creative!" -- it is the answer to every Community Manager's prayer for help with enforcement issues.

These frustrating problems are common, but time-consuming to try to settle: speeders, noise, non-payment of rent, home installations not up to specifications - and the list goes on and on! You know the list - you live with it each day! And although the faces change and the names on the notices are different, the issues are basically the same. Now, there's help!

In an 8-1/2 x 11 format, hole-punched for easy storing in a standard 3-ring binder, comes humorous ideas, form letters, sample notices, creative wording for tough situations, and tons of practical, hands-on pointers that will really work! A Community Manager typically reviews and discusses the Guidelines with new Residents before they move in - and wouldn't it be nice if that were the end of it?

But it isn't, and we all know that. Sooner or later, the Residents decide to make subtle changes in their lifestyle and there are conflicts with the written Guidelines. What to do? Some Managers lose their tempers and it becomes a power struggle; some turn their heads and avoid the issue because they don't want a confrontation; and still others do their best to convince the Residents through a series of conversations and written notices that the violation needs to be corrected. The last resort, of course, when everything else has failed, is eviction.

Eviction is final. It is the last stage and least desired one in any Resident Relations Program. It causes more work for everyone as you now seek to replace that Resident - home site prep, marketing, advertising, qualifying, and move-in supervision time. You can avoid this! It's time you ordered your copy of "Get Tough -- Get Creative!" and begin to achieve the positive results you want to see! Turn around your Residents with a friendly process that works!

This handbook shares the four management principles every Community Manager and Owner must have in order to get results. Then, the first section walks the reader through a step-by-step process in 21 different areas where violations commonly occur and you will see over 100 ideas for creatively solving these issues -- and -- retaining your Resident! The second section covers general ideas and approaches that can be used with many different situations and the third section provides you with ten camera-ready letters and notices you can print or copy directly from the handbook onto your letterhead.

Last year, Chrissy published "Guidelines for Living" - a methodology handbook which looked at how to create a set of Guidelines for your community. This successful "how to" book has sold over 1400 copies. Writing Guidelines is only part of the job - enforcement is the other! "Get Tough - Get Creative" is the companion handbook that shows you how to creatively enforce the Guidelines in your community.

Order "Get Tough - Get Creative" now by sending a check or money order for $25 to Chrissy Jackson Seminars, 109 Tanglewood Lane, Thonotusassa, Florida   33592. Or, if you need both books, make the check or money order for $45 and receive a copy of "Guidelines for Living" as well as the latest publication. Orders must be prepaid, no fax orders accepted. Questions? Get in touch with Chrissy at or call 813-982-2618 or fax 877-275-6434.

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